Why I Can't Raise Prices

I have heard hundreds of times that, “ If I raise my price, even ten dollars, my customers will buy from someone else.”

Mentally picture this: I have two cups of coffee. One I poured for myself at the local convenience store for 79 cents. The other one is from Starbucks. I had to stand in line and wait for it. It cost me $7.00!

How can they charge $7.00 for a cup of coffee and people will stand in line to buy it?

Because: Their customers think it is worth $7.00.

AND, so long as your customers think you have the same crappy quality as your competition, they WILL leave you for a ten dollar difference in price.

Cadillac, Lincoln, Lexus, Mercedes and BMW automobiles still sell well in a bad economy. The YUGO car has disappeared.

YOUR JOB is to make a better product and let your customers know that you have a better product.

You CAN raise your prices. Make your customers believe they are getting their money’s worth.

For septic tanks: Cast-in risers, clamped pipe seals, corrosion protection, watertightness , vacuum tested tanks, delivered and set on time, are worth extra dollars.